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"Problem Solved: New Tire PressurePro
Tire Pressure Monitor and
Early Detection System Tells You
When Your Automobile, RV, and Truck Tire Pressure
Changes Before a Blowout Happens"


Tire Pressure Pro: the new recipe for safe driving, saving gasoline, increasing gas mileage, reducing tire tread wear, and avoiding accidents.

This handy patented Tire PressurePro system monitors, tracks and gauges your tire pressure at any time, all the time, 24/7 -- keeping you and your family and your vehicles safe and sound.

PressurePro Sensors check tire pressure once every 7 seconds – 12,340 times per day!

Tire Pressure Pro Delivers Great Value to You and Your Family

  • Greater Safety discover changes in tire pressure before they mushroom into a huge problem and cause a tire blowout or an accident 
  • Improves Vehicle Handling and Gives You Smoother Driving 
  • By keeping your tire pressure at the right levels, you improve vehicle handling, stability and braking 
  • Increases Fuel Economy and Gas Mileage 
  • According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. could save 5.4 million gallons of fuel per day if all tires were kept property inflated. 
  • 5.4 million gallons per day. . . how much fuel could Tire Pressure Pro save you? 
  • Extends Your Tires' Lives 
  • Keeping your tire pressure at the right levels helps you avoid casing damage, and casing damage leads to tire failure, zipper rips and tire blowout. 
  • Easy Installation -- PressurePro requires no tools, no mess. Simply screw a sensor on each tire you want to monitor the tire pressure and plug the smart PressurePro wireless tire pressure monitor into your lighter or outlet plug. Just twist the Sensor onto the valve stem, replacing the valve stem cap which typically takes just 1 to 2 minutes per tire, and in no time at all you’re ready to drive, safely and confidently 
  • Measures Specific Tire Pressure and Gives You Numerical Readout -- your sensors and monitor will measure and display the tire pressure for each of your tires, within +/- 1/2 psi.
  • Use Your Single PressurePro System on All Your Vehicles -- easy as 1-2-3 -- Without Any or Tricky Installation 


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The Tire Pressure Monitor that lets you monitor the car you are pulling ... PressurePro

 Tire PressurePro, the best in class wireless tire pressure monioring systtem, offers:

-- State-of-the-art wireless technology that brings greater safety

-- Savings through better gasoline mileage and longer tire life

-- Smoother driving and less wear and tear on your tires and your vehicle

-- Less worry and Peace-of-Mind

You'll need one sensor for each tire, you can order them one by one or take advantage of our handy complete systems to meet your particular vehicle configuration. PressurePro, on the job 24/7.


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