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34 Wheel Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor

PressureProTruck Tire Pressure Monitor


Easy to Install!

No tools are necessary to install PressurePro TMPS and the system is simple to operate.

A wireless tire air pressure Sensor simply screws onto the valve stem, replacing the valve stem cap. The Monitor is powered by plugging into the lighter accessory in the vehicle and displays current tire pressure for each tire and can alert to low tire pressures with both a visual and audible warning.

The Sensors constantly read the tire pressure and transmit low-pressure readings when they occur. When tire pressure is low, the Monitor identifies the low-tire position with an audible beep, a blinking light for that location, and flashes the real-time pressure to the operator.

PERFORMANCE - PressurePro continuously monitors tire pressure to assist in maximizing a vehicle's handling, braking, acceleration and tire life. The early detection of low tire pressures improves the possibility of repair and reduces the risk of permanent tire or wheel damage.

PressurePro is an investment in your vehicle and in your own safety and the safety of those with you. PressurePro gives you confidence in your tires performance and peace of mind while driving.

The actual pressure reading displays in the red area of the picture of the vehicle


Dually Pickup Tire Pressure Monitor

This kit includes:


34 Wheel Monopole Monitor

Use with Truck, Tractor/Trailer, Off Road, 5th Wheel

34 tire monitor


Monitors up to 34 wheel positions


Order Sensors separately below.

PressurePro™ Monitor: Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. Can alert you to low as well as high tire pressures; shows the problem tire location and current pressure.

  • FREE! With each system (to qualify you must purchase a Monitor & at least four Sensors) you get a free Stripped-end Hard Wire Cord
  • Common uses include Trucks, Tractor/Trailers, Off Road (mining), 5th Wheels
  • 1 to 34 wheel positions
  • Displays pressure in PSI, BAR or kPa
  • RS232 capable data feed (real time)
  • Displays a temperature measurement from the Sensor and sends it to the tire management program (the high-pressure alarm will also alert you).
  • Low Pressure Alerts at 12.5% & 25% below baseline
  • Variable Upper Pressure Alerts from 10% to 45%(factory set at 24%)
  • Self testing capability – signal strength/signal packets
  • Velcro strips for mounting included
  • Does not include tire Sensors (order separately below).
  • May need a Cabled Antenna Kit for better reception; Kit is required for tractor/trailers, even if only putting Sensors on just the tractor.

Power: 12V DC; draws 25 ma standby
Connector: USB Mini B style connector
Dimensions: 6.5″W x 3.0″H x 0.5″D
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa
Transmit Range: Line of sight – 150 feet
Includes one 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and 3.5 inch monopole antenna.

Price: $225.00




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How do the Sensors work with inside duals and inward facing valve stems?

PressurePro saves you the trouble of trying to reach the inside tires to check pressure. The system monitors tire pressure constantly, alerting when pressure is low. No need to manually check tire pressures as frequently as you did before you installed PressurePro!


Do I need to re-balance my tires when using a Sensor?

The 2/3 oz. Sensors monitoring large tires (RV/Truck) seldom necessitate a tire re-balance. Smaller tires may require adding a 2/3 oz. stick-on weight opposite the valve stem.


What is the cold running reference pressure?
PressurePro Sensors automatically access the pressure in a tire when screwed onto the valve stems. Removing the Sensor from the valve stem for 60 seconds will delete the old reference cold running pressure and allow the Sensor to accept a new cold running reference pressure when screwed back on. We suggest installing the Sensors in the early morning when temperatures are cooler, so as not to cause alerts during the cooler evenings. For example, if you are travelling during the middle of the day and decide to stop to check the tire pressures with a gauge, the working pressure of the warm tires may be 15 psi higher than the early morning cold running pressure. PressurePro will "reset" to this new running pressure (which is higher than it should be). This may cause a false alert when cooler night temperatures occur, or when going up in the mountains where it is cooler. To correct this, unplug the Monitor to turn off the alarm if it is alerting at night, and the next morning, take each Sensor off, wait one minute, and put them back on. They will again reset to a new, lower cold running reference (baseline) pressure.

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