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 PressurePro is the Leading Manufacturer of Aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitor Worldwide.

Our system is affordable, does not require professional installation, and works exactly as advertised. Tire failures are the leading cause of roadside emergencies and tire blowouts. Pressure Pro can provide that "Peace of Mind" feeling and greatly reduce the chance of being stranded from a tire failure.   You can monitor your tire pressure right from the driver's seat!   A simple push on the up or down arrow buttons will show you a digital pressure reading for each tire.   Pressure range is 10-150 PSI.


How it works:   Small sealed sensors (weighing only 2/3 ounce) are screwed and locked onto the valve stem of each tire and transmit an FM signal (433.92 MHz) to the monitor.   The monitor checks your tire pressure every 7 seconds or 12,343 times per day!   Should a loss of pressure occur an audible and visual alert will signal a loss of pressure and the affected tire location will flash on the monitor.
This is a wireless tire pressure monitor. The sensors that are quickly installed on the tire valve stems send an RF signal to the monitor in the cab.
What our Customers say:

"And the amazing Tire PressurePro flashed when tire #5's pressure dropped by 13 psi, that's 15.2%, just like they said. "

Tire PressurePro Saves Deaf Phoenix Man and His RV

My neighbor Susan Cox told me to install the Tire PressurePro on my truck and fifth wheel. I thought this was a total waste of time. After all, as a deaf person, I am super alert to changes in movement and height, like the changing pressure in my tires. But we can't hear noises and would miss a tire blowout.

One day, we were driving down Desert Highway in Tonapah, AZ, where it was 105o for 150 miles. After a while, I got mad because I thought the Tire PressurePro was defective because the warning light was flashing on and off for what seemed like hours. I was just about to yank the gizmo from the lighter, when it occurred to me that maybe the light was telling me something important.

I got out of the truck and noticed that the pressure on tire #5 had gone down and down. The pressure sank from 85 psi to 72 psi. There was a hole on the side of the tire.

Wow. If I hadn't stopped, all the air would have gone out and who knows what would have happened to us then. Thanks to Tire PressurePro, I was able to drive slowly and carefully to a nearby town and get my tire fixed.

Joe S. Mesa, AZ  Pickup Truck and 5th Wheel

PressurePro tire pressure monitor 5th wheel

Peace of Mind

I bought my PressurePro System from Susan Cox about 5 months ago. I have an American Eagle motorhome, and I pull a Jeep Cherokee. It was easy to install, and now I have real peace of mind concerning my tires. I check it every morning when we are parked in camp, and have taken the monitor out of the motorhome and put it in the Jeep for day trips. This has really put my mind at ease.

Arden F.     Mesa, AZ



Off Road


I have a new GMC with a Duramax, and several trailers that I pull. Depending on the day, we take the quads, the boat, or the cargo trailer. We are out in the wilderness a lot of the time, and the Pressure Pro has alerted us 7 times since we installed it in April of 2005. I had to buy another full system, because my son kept taking mine.

David C.   South Bend, WA



18 Wheeler


I bought a PressurePro monitor system for my semi truck, and was amazed at how it worked. I am from the old school, and thought I could tell if my tires were low by thumping them with a tire bat. That only works if they are already flat! Now I depend on it every day. I even move it to my pickup and trailer that I haul my custom hot rod in to go to shows on weekends. I have been trucking for 25 years, and have seen many disasters caused by blowouts. I won't drive another vehicle without PressurePro.

Joe H. Englewood, CO