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Pressure Pro Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

PressurePro is an investment in your vehicle and in your own safety and the safety of those with you. PressurePro gives you confidence in your tires performance and peace of mind while driving. Helps Prevent Tire Blowouts.

Recreational vehicle with Pressure Pro

Tire PressurePro -- Reliable Under Pressure!

 Installation is easy! Simply plug in the dash display, twist on the valve stem Sensor Caps and in 20 minutes or less you are secure and ready to begin your journey.

 NOTE: Each of our systems comes with everything you need to start monitoring your tire pressures:

The Monitor, Antenna, 12 volt accessory plug power supply, velcro mounting strips, the STATED NUMBER of sensors, full installation instructions, and warranty information. Additional sensors are available, so any of our wireless tire pressure systems can be customized.


10 Sensor Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System RV Monitor

Our most popular system.  Most motorhomes pulling a car have 10 tires. Most trucks pulling a fifth wheel have 10 tires. If yours has more, just add a couple extra sensors. Monitor capable of up to 16 sensors. You will always know the air pressure in each tire individually.

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12 Sensor Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

This PressurePro 5th Wheel system is for larger vehicles with more wheels. This Monitor will handle up to 18 Sensors. It comes with 12, and you can buy more sensors as needed. This system is popular with our 5th Wheel Owners, and people hauling a heavy trailer, such as a race car with a large hauler truck.

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18 Sensor Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Attention Truckers! This system is for you. This is our PressurePro Mega System. This monitor can handle up to 34 tires! With the same design and easy installation as our other systems, this gives you the flexibility to handle the big rigs. Measure tire inflation pressures from 5 psi to 180 psi without leaving the comfort of your cab.

 Our Price  $1090           Buy Now


34 tire monitor

8 Sensor Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Sensors can be easily moved from one vehicle to another. Use them on your trailer one week, and then put them on your boat trailer the next. THE SENSORS ARE SEALED AND SUBMERSIBLE! Monitors up to 16 tires.

Our Price $590Tire pressure monitor             Buy Now

6 Sensor Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Perfect for your Dually Pickup Truck! No separate antenna is needed. It is already built in!

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Pressure Pro Sensors

PressurePro SensorTo customize PressurePro for your specific needs, order more sensors separately.

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Echo Repeater

           In some instances your system will need a boost to read the rear tires, especially if your coach is over 40 feet long, or your trailer is lengthy. The echo repeater is usually installed in the bedroom area of a motorhome, or the front area of a fifth wheel. It reads the signal being sent from the sensors and strengthens it, allowing the monitor to receive a signal from a further distance.  12 volt power cord is included.                                                                                  PressurePro Echo Repeater

Our Price $95 each           Buy Now